Charmin did it again!
Multiple BIS. Efbe's Hidalgo at Goodspice, well known as " CHARMIN "


This time at the most prestigious show for terriers in the world.
BIS in Montgomery Kennel Club 2008

 PEDIGREE                                                                                         PHOTOS


Charmin and handler/owner Margery Good

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      Vinevalley's Ana Flor " FLORITA" is going to live with her new  
owners Guillermo and Agustina in Argentina .

      Vinevalley's ASDRUBAL  is going to her new house   
in FRANCE with Sylvie Hazebroucq.

      Vinevalley's AMILCAR  is going to her new house   
in ITALY  with María Rosaria


Vinevalley's Frida becomes the first Sealyham Terrier ever bred in Sudamerica that obtain the American Championship.

Frida finished her American Championship in 2006. She was also the number two Sealyham Terrier Bitch all systems for the same year in USA.

Champion USA
" Vinevalley's Frida "

Frida was acquired by Mr. Henry Sutliff III in the United States. Henry has one of longest and outstanding trajectory in the history of the breed. Frida easily obtained her American championship with specialized judges, finalizing her title under the recognized judge Michelle Billings. Now she is preparing for her maternity and to be breed whit Ch. USA "Dunnville Draco Malfoy", also owned by Mr. Sutliff. We wish them much success in the future.

See Frida's photos 

About Vinevalley's
VINEVALLEY'S, is a kennel located
in Santiago of Chile that specializes in
the selective breeding of
are to obtain, healthy,
beautiful and balances dogs and in
this way to be able to enjoy such wonderful breed.
During our trajectory we
have had several wins at the canine
activity , also having exported some
dogs out side of Chile. Our exponents are first quality, most of them champions in several countries. If we should summarize in three words
our work, we would say: Temperament, Health and Type.
We hope that you all enjoy this site
and we stay in touch. Best regards
from Chile,

Carol Cartagena Urra
Vinevalley's Art Gallery

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