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Hora:23-04-2016, 02:26 (UTC)
Mensaje:amazing log

Hora:05-08-2009, 00:15 (UTC)

Nombre:Michael Mignogna
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Hora:10-07-2009, 02:39 (UTC)
Mensaje:I am completely speechless... Such pleasant memories come crashing back again while looking through Olivia's early pictures (Tucker in the snow with Olivia?)... All my love to you and your family - Cuidate, Michael…

Nombre:Erika Hansen
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Hora:27-05-2009, 19:30 (UTC)
Mensaje:Hello Carol - big congratulations with your best-win-website contest and your lovely Sealys and I look forward to seeing you again in Sweden soon - what a party we will have !!
Hugs from Othello, Norah and Erika

Nombre:Csilla Mladoniczky
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Hora:01-01-2009, 09:15 (UTC)
Mensaje:I wish you Happy New Year!

Nombre:Agnes Molnar
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Hora:28-12-2008, 07:06 (UTC)
Mensaje:We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Greetings from Hungary

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Hora:01-10-2008, 11:45 (UTC)
Mensaje:Hello from Germany,
nice site, very beautiful sealys Congratulation!!!
regards from Bettina and Sealy Phoebe Buffay

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Hora:04-09-2008, 23:12 (UTC)
Mensaje:buenísimo tu sitio!
Te felicito!

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Hora:15-08-2008, 19:07 (UTC)
Mensaje:Thanks to all for visinting my site!

Nombre:Hap Sultiff
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Hora:05-05-2008, 07:10 (UTC)
Mensaje:Frida (La Boca Del Sur) sends all her love to Papa Carol. She is such a character and is always happy.

Good luck in 2008 and beyond.

Tio Enrique Tercerio (Boca Grande Del Norte)

About Vinevalley's
VINEVALLEY'S, is a kennel located
in Santiago of Chile that specializes in
the selective breeding of
are to obtain, healthy,
beautiful and balances dogs and in
this way to be able to enjoy such wonderful breed.
During our trajectory we
have had several wins at the canine
activity , also having exported some
dogs out side of Chile. Our exponents are first quality, most of them champions in several countries. If we should summarize in three words
our work, we would say: Temperament, Health and Type.
We hope that you all enjoy this site
and we stay in touch. Best regards
from Chile,

Carol Cartagena Urra
Vinevalley's Art Gallery

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